The Best House Shoes to Shop in 2021 According to Editors

It’s 2021, and the house shoe is very much a style staple. If we’re not getting dressed up to go outside, we are getting dressed up to walk out of the bedroom, at the very least, and slides or slippers that are also functional or sturdy enough to support us as we work from home are essential. It’s funny to think that in 2019, I wasn’t even concerned about owning a pair of slippers. I was usually at work anyway, or maybe visiting friends on the weekend. And when I was at home, that was the best time to slip and slide around the apartment in my cozy, fluffy socks!

But having a house shoe to rely on almost every day has become a source of comfort during the pandemic. When I’m wearing my go-to house shoes, I am both making a style statement and facing the reality of my situation: my daily routine just doesn’t call for a strappy stiletto right now, nor a heeled leather boot. I happen to be in the same boat as many of my fellow POPSUGAR editors, all of whom were happy to weigh in on what they consider to be the most successful house shoe in 2021. Scroll down to learn the highlights of all our top contenders.

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