Kamala Harris jogging video goes viral as Secret Service forced to catch up with VP | World | News

The US Vice President was spotted working out, running up and down the steps with her secret service agents on February 6. Samantha Borell, 26, from Baltimore, said: “We were at the Lincoln memorial for a good 20 minutes while she was there working out with her husband and taking pictures with people.” She shared the video, taken by Bobby Tran, on her Twitter with the caption “Get you a VP who works hard for the American people and makes time to get a workout in.”

Ms Borell, a sales representative for Mondelez was visiting the city over the weekend. She said: “It was very surreal.

“She’s just a normal person going about her day and getting a workout in. There were secret service all around her. She was interacting with people but made sure to keep her distance from them.

“She’s also tiny – it was very surreal seeing the most powerful woman doing normal things.”

It comes as a portrait depicting her glass ceiling shattering career was unveiled at the foot of the memorial.

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The 6-by-6 foot (1.8m), 350-pound (159kg) portrait, depicts her face emerging from the cracks in a sheet of glass.

The newly-elected vice president has notched a series of firsts during a legal and political career that has taken her from California to the office of vice president in Washington.

She was the first woman and person of colour to serve as district attorney in San Francisco, the first woman and first black person to become California’s attorney general, the first black person to represent California in the US Senate and the first woman, black person and Asian American to be elected vice president.

It comes as Democrats on Wednesday argued Donald Trump planted the seeds for the deadly attack on the US.

“Trump realized last spring that he could lose the November election and began planting seeds of anger among his supporters by saying he could lose only if it was stolen,” said Representative Joseph Neguse.

“If we are to protect our republic and prevent something like this from ever happening again, he must be convicted.”

Representative Joaquin Castro cited what he called blatant acts of political intimidation against election workers in states Trump was losing. In Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee, Castro said, Trump’s supporters tried to use armed force to disrupt the counting of votes.

“They believed it was their duty to quite literally fight to stop the count,” Castro said.

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