Is American Pickers staged?

THE long-running American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who are “on a mission to recycle America.”

The show has amassed a large following of antique lovers through the years.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of American Pickers


Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of American PickersCredit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History

Is American Pickers staged?

Some observers have alleged that items found by Mike and Frank on the History Channel show are planted.

It is their job on the show to go around the country to find and buy the antiques and rare items that are hidden in people’s homes.

Writes Nicki Swift: “The line between real and scripted is often a blurry one, and Pickers certainly wavers around the edges.

“From legal trouble to scripted scenes, here are some reasons why elements of American Pickers are totally fake.

American Pickers has been going for 22 seasons


American Pickers has been going for 22 seasonsCredit: History Channel

“Reality television is always at least a little bit manipulated.

“Some shows direct with a heavier hand than others, but most fall in a purgatory between documentary and scripted show.

“In this regard, American Pickers is probably no different.”

While Mike and Frank “haggle” over items, according to Nicki Swift, it has been suggested that negotiations take place ahead of time over the phone.

The new season so far only features Wolfe and Danielle Colby, as Fritz has taken a leave of absence from filming. 

American Pickers


American PickersCredit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History

When does American Pickers air?

American Pickers, in its 22nd season, airs on Monday nights at 9 pm on the History Channel.

“This isn’t your grandmother’s antiquing,” reads the online description.

“Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner’s land.

“Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.

“American Pickers follows them as they scour the country for hidden gems in junkyards, basements, garages and barns, meeting quirky characters and hearing their amazing stories.

“If you think the antique business is all about upscale boutiques and buttoned-up dealers, this show may change your mind – and teach you a thing or two about American history along the way.”

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