Disney Fires ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Over Social Media Post

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and President Joe Biden have opposing views on the impeachment trial outcome. Graham is predicting the trial will conclude by Sunday. He argues the number of senators who will vote against the article of impeachment is growing. Biden meanwhile says that some Republican senators may change their minds during the impeachment trial. He told reporters at the white house on Thursday, “My guess is some minds may be changed.”

Disney has fired an actress from The Mandalorian. It’s over a social media post she made comparing the persecution of Jews during Nazi Germany toward current hate toward people with different political views.

And a top Texas official said on Wednesday he would push for state legislators to pass a bill that would require events receiving public funding to play the national anthem. That’s after the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks owner said the team is no longer playing the National Anthem before home games.

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