Brexit news: Ex-MEP attacks Boris for failing fishermen ‘We had five years!’ | UK | News

In an attack on the Prime Minister and the Government, a former Brexit Party MEP has asked why the industry was not prepared after five years of negotiations. In a tweet, former MEP June Mummery called on Environment Secretary George Eustice to step in to help fishermen following Brexit. She said: “The penny has dropped, a campaign to ‘eat British fish’.

“We have had five years to prepare.

“Seafish you take a tax from the industry, what are you doing to help?

“Myself and others offered you are services, we have a strategy that can help.

“George Eustice talk to the shop floor.”

Her attack on officials comes as the Prime Minister announced a campaign to encourage the public to eat British-caught fish.

Mr Johnson announced the campaign in a video conference to Tory MPs from coastal regions this week.

The Prime Minister also insisted he will do more to combat the concerns surrounding fishing quotas and the ban on live shellfish.

Since January 1, UK fishermen have been hit hard by the continuation of a ban on shellfish exports to the EU.

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One Government source told The Daily Telegraph: “There is thought being given to where we can leverage in other areas.

“We have continuity arrangements we can stop these which means they won’t be able to sell their produce here.”

Not only have fishermen been hit by the ban becoming permanent but many have criticised the Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the lack of provisions for the sector.

Despite being promised a heavy return in fishing quotas, the agreement only provided UK fleets with a return of 25 percent.

This quota return will take place over five years in what will mean an extra £145million to trade.

UK fishermen had asked for a return closer to 50 percent in order to kickstart the industry after years of being within the Common Fisheries Policy.

Fishermen had also demanded the agreement be based on annual negotiations rather than the five-year period.

Due to these issues, the UK has established a compensation fund for fishermen hit hard by the post-Brexit changes.

In order to adjust to the changes and Brexit, a £23million fund has been established by the Government.

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